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Welcome to Cara Kuroda Architecture and Design.  We are a residential design firm that works on projects along the San Francisco peninsula. Our approach to every project begins with enthusiasm and esprit de corps. We take pride in forming collaborative team environments that enable a project to successfully transition from initial idea to fruition. We strive to express the client’s vision in ways that are transforming, inspiring and enduring.



• Programming
• Planning, zoning analysis
• Building additions, renovations
• Design studies
• Project and consultant coordination
• Construction drawings and permit process assistance
• Construction administration


• Space planning
• Finish material and color selection
• Fixture and equipment specification
• Cabinet, millwork coordination

SQ_1825 Hillman Ave Belmont CA-large-003




Construction documents include working drawings and specifications required for permit approval and provide a contractor with information necessary to build. Our working drawings are thorough, yet malleable to conform to a variety of project types, sizes and budget constraints.



We realize that taking on renovations, additions or new construction can be daunting. We provide consulting services to generate design studies, review city ordinances and building codes for compliance and to provide guidance and information on the phases of the design and construction process so you as a client are comfortable and confident with your project’s design, construction stages and goals.



The style and design of a building’s interior is an integral part of a building’s exterior. Many times an interior designer is hired as a consultant after the project is in construction.That often leads to a non-cohesive fit between interior and exterior styles. Or, a space might not have been built to accommodate what the interior designer has in mind. We are also interior designers and wear that hat when designing the exterior of a structure so that there is a cohesive style and the interior is formed to accommodate all design elements. We also offer the service of selecting and specifying interior finishes, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, appliances and lighting.

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