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As an Architectural Instructor, Cara enjoys sharing her passion for the built environment with her students. Through architectural design, she hopes for her students to gain problem solving skills, become involved in the formation of their community, develop social responsibility, become visual and creative thinkers and discover who they are through their own architectural explorations and interpretations. Cara's courses strive to honor the differences in the students and help them reach their potential. 

Courses explore a variety of architectural concepts and incorporate sustainable architecture and how it is influenced by the location of a project on a site and how choices made about sun orientation, water collection/disbursement, and wind direction affect the sustainable aspects of a project. Students learn how architectural choices affect our communities and environment. They utilize critical thinking about their world. 

“Look up at the stars, not down at your feet” - Stephen Hawking


This quote sums up Cara's goal as an instructor; a goal that sets the student’s outlook and inquiry beyond themselves to find empathetic solutions to built environments that benefit local communities and promote social equity and sustainability for future generations to come. 

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